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    • På stø kurs inn i akademia? 

      Jonsmoen, Kari Mari; Greek, Marit (Novus forlag, 2017)
      Studieforberedende program i videregående skole skal forberede elevene til videre studier. Elever med norsk som andrespråk som har fullført videregående skole og fått studiekompetanse, skal dermed ha oppnådd akademisk ...
    • Poetic reflection through digital storytelling – a methodology to foster professional health worker identity in students 

      Jamissen, Grete; Skou, Goro (Lillehammer University College, 2010-07)
      In the field of digital storytelling research there is a focus on personal narratives, multimedia and the creative process in developing identity and voice. The project introduced in this paper has identified contexts ...
    • Remediation of print: On the current restructuration of higher education 

      Høivik, Helge (Hong Kong Bao Long Accounting & Secretarial Limited, 2014)
      The educational establishment was built and structured on a communication pattern at the core of the Gutenberg Galaxy that combines the spoken word with printed and handwritten resources. The current digitization of text ...
    • Retorisk rekonstruksjon av politisk diskurs 

      Sandvik, Margareth (Retorikforlaget, 2014)
    • The Role of Reflection and Mentoring in ICT Teacher Professional Development : Dialogue and Learning Across the Hemispheres 

      Jamissen, Grete; Phelps, Renata (Routledge, 2006-10)
      As school-systems internationally seek to improve the models of professional development they are providing for their teachers to support them in integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in their teaching ...
    • Skrivekår i profesjonsutdanning 

      Jonsmoen, Kari Mari; Greek, Marit (2012)
      Studier ved Høgskolen i Oslo (HiO) 2010/2011 viser at studenter i liten grad har utbytte av den ordinære skriveveiledningen de mottar. Veiledningen bidrar verken til økt skrivekompetanse eller økt faglig forståelse. ...
    • Three Views of a Secret: The "Mønsterlig" 

      Muir, Tom (Københavns Universitet, Sociologisk Institut, Koordinationen for Kønsforskning, 2017)
      In a world where English - and its attendant writing conventions - is the dominant language of research, it becomes increasingly important to explore academic patterns of writing and teaching, and their related etymologies. ...
    • Writing and Risk: Magic, Occult, Exorcisms 

      Muir, Tom (Coventry University, 2018)
      What does it mean to take a risk when I write? Can I? Should I? The idea of risk has preoccupied a number of scholars recently, including those interested in discourse, writing and education (e.g. McWilliam 2009 and Thesen ...