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    • Autoantibodies reactive to adrenocorticotropic hormone can alter cortisol secretion in both aggressive and nonaggressive humans 

      Værøy, Henning; Adori, Csaba; Legrand, Romain; Lucas, Nicolas; Breton, Jonathan; Cottard, Caroline; do Rego, Jean-Claude; Duparc, Céline; Louiset, Estelle; Lefebvre, Hervé; Déchelotte Pierre; Western, Elin; Andersson, Stein; Hökfelt, Tomas; Fetissov, Sergueï O (2018-06-25)
      Violent aggression in humans may involve a modified response to stress, but the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. Here we show that naturally present autoantibodies reactive to adrenocorticotropic hormone ...