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    • Opting out of youth sports: how can we understand the social processes involved? 

      Persson, Marlene; Espedalen, Lars Erik; Stefansen, Kari; Strandbu, Åse (Taylor & Francis, 2019-09-02)
      Sports researchers often examine the subject of youth quitting sports through quantitative surveys using fixed-choice questionnaires. In this paper, we analyze 1,248 descriptions offered by youth in the survey Young in ...
    • Young people’s experiences of parental involvement in youth sport 

      Strandbu, Åse; Stefansen, Kari; Smette, Ingrid; Sandvik, Morten Renslo (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
      Recently parental involvement in youth sport has intensified, challenging the understanding of youth sports as an arena where adolescents can develop their identity and autonomy. On this background, our study explores how ...